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Alexandra “Set” Mortain Empty Alexandra “Set” Mortain

Post by SynzySonze on Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:13 pm

Alexandra “Set” Mortain 50mJgz4

Character Information

Name: Alexandra Mortain
Alias: Set
Age: 16
Birthday: 28/12/20XX
Gender: Female
Blood Type: O-


Height: 5’11
Weight: 152 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Amber


Occupation: Student
Affiliation: Yokohama Academy
Team(s): ???
Quirk: ???

Character Description

Set Mortain is a prideful creature, and is not familiar with ‘little’ concepts like humility. Fortunately, her pride does leave her with a stalwart inclination. Mortain is bound to punish herself for errors and stand by her mistakes, even when doing so could have terrible results. She would rather see a misguided task through to the end than abandon it in favour if more sound action.

Visually, she cuts a lithe figure. Not unlike an acrobat in build, Mortain is simultaneously thin and muscular, and is keen to maintain this physique. She is easily picked out as a foreigner by her accent and manners, if not more immediately by her naturally tan skin. Atop her head rests two thick, curling horns.

She seems to have Egyptian or Middle Eastern blood, but speaks like an American.


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