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Okuda, Shumei Empty Okuda, Shumei

Post by Isilai on Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:31 pm

Okuda, Shumei Swr5h1

Character Information

Name: Okuda, Shumei
Alias: ???
Age: 15 (Current)
Birthday: 17th of February
Gender: Female
Blood Type: B


Height: 5'7 ft
Weight: Thin
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black


Status: Alive
Occupation: Student, Part-time worker at Innaboshi arcade
Affiliation: Yokohama Academy, Innaboshi arcade
Team(s): ???
Quirk: ???

Character Description

A gloomy and perpetually unamused girl. Nothing about her is worthy of any sort of attention. She looks like she rolled straight out of bed, with her dark and unkempt hair that compliments her bloodshot eyes well. Her walk is a lazy saunter, carried out with a glare forever carved onto her pale face - the intensity of her gaze the most noticeable feature. Shumei is, and never has been, a girl of many words. Those lucky to get a concise response from her are usually met with something crude or sarcastic.

When she's out of the Innaboshi aracde uniform, she wears a black, tattered zip-up hoodie and a pair of baggy jeans that end just above her ankles.

She doesn't seem like she's at the academy to make any sorts of friends.

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Okuda, Shumei Empty Re: Okuda, Shumei

Post by Isilai on Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:02 pm


Shumei grew up in a poor household, raised by a single mother. Growing up as the oldest child, having two younger brothers, a certain degree of responsibility was expected from her at a young age. Her father had left their family when the girl was barely old enough to remember him, so he has never been a big influence in her life. Her mother, as hard as she tried, is quirkless and incapable of making a living in the world that centered around quirks and heroes. However, to everyone's surprise, Shumei's quirk appeared at the age of four. The nature of her quirk enabled her to avoid the scrutiny and the bullying of her peers, but her brothers were not so fortunate. They resented her, for she did not suffer what they had to suffer daily... The disease of lacking a quirk of their own. Being poor and quirkless was not a good combination, and the girl flew just past the radar all because of a gift she received from who knows which gene pool. Being made an outcast by those closest to her, bred a resentment of her own towards those with quirks, especially those that flaunt them out in the open and use them to harm the more unfortunate individuals.

In between working a part-time job, Shumei decided to enroll in Yokohama hero academy - seeking to pursue the riches that came with being a hero. She passed the entrance exam with flying colors, her unique fighting style and quirk enabling her to stand out among even the strongest quirks.

This is where her story begins...

*The Beginning


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