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Hyorei - Student Unknown

Character Information

Name: Hyorei
Alias: ???
Age: 16 (Current)
Birthday: 20th December
Gender: Male
Blood Type: O-negative


Height: 5'10
Weight: 160lb
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue


Status: Alive
Occupation: Student
Affiliation: Yokohama Academy
Team(s): ???
Quirk: ???

Character Description

Hyorei takes care of himself, usually out of a routine that he's been put into. Outside of routine, he seems uncaring. Probably not someone you would expect to want to save people, as his responses are usually cold. He's always had some natural talent when it came to controlling his quirk, even when pushing his limits he seems to hide it. That's on the surface when behind closed doors using his quirk can bring a lot of pain. If he's ever seen topless, on his back are marks from where he's been lashed.


Hyorei's parents seem proud, maybe too proud? They are strict, forcing him to learn and push himself further. Punishment for not listening usually results in physical contact. As much as he could turn on them, he doesn't. In his mind, he feels what they did was for the best, while he also cares for his parents too. But outside of his parent's eyes, he doesn't seem to care at all.

He was brought up to always listen, even if they are not a religious family the way they act people would compare them to one. Not invested in some god, but the paper currency that controls the world. Money. His father runs a business, even his mother is apart of it. So when he was born, their focus is to make sure he isn't a disappointment to their name. In fact, he doesn't even use his surname as it's forbidden until he makes something off himself. Expectations remain high and only get higher, stressful and a real struggle that most teens couldn't handle. Friends? He usually doesn't make any, mainly because he couldn't really go out with them or invite them to his home. The most he's ever gotten was someone to learn with, but even then the most they talked was about work.

At the start, they never considered sending him to a school to help control his quirk. Not until it was something that could benefit them. His quirk could be used to help business, while even pushing him to make his own. Plus he had an accident, using his quirk to simply stop traffic for a cat. The punishment was severe, even if some people praised him for it. His parents didn't care about praise, that didn't earn them cash or give their name a future.

So he was sent to a school to help control his quirk, to improve and get better. They refused to pay actual money and invest just in case nothing good comes out of it. But maybe that'll be an eye opener away from his family?

Starting School


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