Himura, Yuuto - Guest Teacher

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Himura, Yuuto - Guest Teacher

Post by will_bucko on Sat Oct 14, 2017 7:21 pm

Character Information

Name: Himura, Yuuto
Alias: Duality / Silver King
Age: 19 (Current)
Birthday: March 3rd
Gender: Male
Blood Type: B-


Height: 5'6
Weight: 120
Hair Color: Silver-White
Eye Color: Crimson


Status: Alive
Occupation: Pro-Hero / Guest-Teacher
Affiliation: Osaka Nae Academy
Team(s): ???
Quirk: Compress


Strength: 12/30
Agility: 23/30
Speed: 20/30
Toughness: 16/30
Intelligence: 19/30
Quirk Control: 18/30

Character Description

Yuuto, a young male with silver-white hair and crimson red eyes. His hair has a long strand in the front which he keeps tied. He also wears golden earrings as well as rings on both of his hands. Yuuto opts for a black skin-tight suit, in addition to a white cloak with red ribbons. He also wears sandal-like shoes, which are a part of his suit.

His voice is soft and calm at even the worst of situations and he emits an aura of cold calculation. He is direct, formal and prides himself on being efficient. Not much is publicly known about him as he keeps to himself seeking results over fame.

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Re: De_Backstory

Post by will_bucko on Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:02 pm


He was not born a prodigy but through vigorous instruction and unforgiving training, he forged himself into one. Mastering mind and body he centered his soul. His quirk was praised as not only being fairly flashy but incredibly useful for a career as a Pro Hero from a young age. Even as a youth he was enlightened to the corruption that befell even the most prestigious Hero organizations, however as long as it was effective there was no need to change anything. He holds no ill-will for those who seek the spotlight so long as they do not let it blind them.

During his time as an intern/side-kick he worked with Mr. Joker having now superseded him, becoming a full-fledged hero at an incredibly young age, but never taking on his own side-kick thus far. He has been sent to Osaka to lend a hand if needed at the local hero school but mostly to work a lead.

*Working with Joker

Joker was the Yin to his Yang. The two were an unstoppable combination their quirks complimenting one another. As time went on Joker grew more unstable as the aftermath of Trigger ravaged his mind and he fell out of favor with many Hero organizations. Yuuto still considers him a valued comrade looking back on what Joker had done as a means to an end. All in the name of getting results for justice. After Joker was removed Yuuto was presented as a prime candidate to fill his shoes.

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Re: Quirkz

Post by will_bucko on Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:16 pm

Quirk Data

Name: Compress
Type: Emitter
Range: Contact


Yuuto's Quirk allows him to "compress" anything in a spherical area into a small marble without actually damaging it.
If used on a person, it effectively entraps them, terminating the fight instantly and allowing Yuuto to abduct them easily. The weight of the compressed objects is reduced considerably, making it possible to carry them in one's pockets or even in one's mouth.

Yuuto can release a single marble by wishing it, or all of them at the same time by snapping his fingers. He can also use the Quirk on himself and then disengage it to avoid an attack. The compression is done by touching the target and it appears this Quirk can be used in absolute stealth, without noise and before the victim can attract the attention of nearby allies.

Drawback(s): Mental Strain
Current Limitation(s): Must make contact with his target using his hand(s) as a conduit. He is able to compress things about the size of a Car or smaller.

Named Techniques

Technique Name: Ballroom Dance
Yuuto pulls a multitude of marbles of previously compressed items or hazards he's come across and scatters them along the floor in a calculated pattern. Creating a seemingly variable landmine field he can control remotely. This allows him to control the movements of his opponent(s) and forces them to fight on his terms should they be unable to counter it.

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Re: Stuff n' shit

Post by will_bucko on Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:50 pm


  • A small capsule he can store hundreds of marbles in at a time
  • Cellphone
  • Inventory Item


*Full Range of Motion
Taken from the one and only photo shoot he's attended unwittingly
The skin tight suit allows frictionless movement and is immune to tearing and ripping no matter what he may scrape against or how he moves, it is vulnerable to being cut however. Insulated against cold and heat it keeps him comfortable in fiery rescues or allows him to swim in icy cold waters without hesitation. He uses his cloak in combat to house his marbles and other items with hidden pockets and folds. This is his normal outing clothes. While doing hero work, especially at night, the white in his cloak turns black and he wears a mask
*Less is More
A large caliber handgun fitted with pressurized air to fire projectiles

On the side of the handgun is written, "Jesus Christ is in Heaven now" an inside joke between himself and an unknown party. In spite of it's overwhelming size he wields it as though it was weightless with uncanny accuracy. He loads in marbles he desires into the single load chamber and fires it whilst releasing his quirk causing his arsenal to become much more unpredictable and in certain circumstances, lethal, if necessary.

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Re: Himura, Yuuto - Guest Teacher

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