Mii Si-Hun [ Junior. ]

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Mii Si-Hun [ Junior. ]

Post by a jar of mayo on Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:03 pm

"There are some things even an heiress can't afford. And in the name of the Si-Hun, I can't afford to lose."

Character Information

Name: Mii Si-Hun
Alias: The Spring Princess | Spring the I | Sunshine
Age: 16 (Current)
Birthday: May 4th
Gender: Female
Blood Type: A+


Height: 5' [ 5'3" with her heels. ]
Weight: ???
Hair Color: Honey Blonde.
Eye Color: Forest Green.


Status: Alive
Occupation: Student
Affiliation: Osaka Nae Academy
Team(s): ???
Quirk: Flowers(?)


Strength: 2/20
Agility: 7/20
Speed: 3/20
Toughness: 4/20
Intelligence: 7/20
Quirk Control: 8/20

Character Description

The heel-clacking and self-absorbed younger of the sisters Hi-Sun. Mii finds enjoyment in being like any other teenager, social media, going out, and being positively vain. However, underneath that facade is a girl with a quick wit. Her ability as a strategist has been noticed by her teachers, and her quick ascension in what should have been her first year allowed her to skip to junior class. Mii is intelligent and good looking, and goddamn does she know it.
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