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Post by Jordan1 on Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:17 pm

When it comes to crafting, it can be something little or something large. IT can be a flashlight to a mobile home - anything is the real limit here. But, what determines that limit is rolls and how high your intelligence is and if you have specific talents that say you can do x and y.

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Among inventors, crafters, etc. It's a hobby to most, that much is for sure and as such, normally people can only make 1 thing a day and 1 thing at a time. However, when you create something, you will be put on cooldown and will not have access to that thing untill the cooldown is up. It will be considered you working on it. When crafting something your intelligence
is added to a d20 and the result is if you fail or succeed. When you fail, it doesn't break, but it does get easier as time goes on in most cases. The result is changed case to case and only the admins knows what result you need to pass. Things that are hard and that needed higher Int to make, likely will have higher rolls and will get slightly easier as time passes on. Profession Talents are the things that let you expand upon what you can make, how much, how fast, etc.

Anything is craft able in theory. From machines to wooden bats. Grenades to missiles. What is made is up to you, but that doesn't mean you will get away with it icly, of course. Items that are made in bulk (ammo, arrows, grenades, etc.) have a set number when made. Usually scaling with the type of bulk item made.

Things that are difficult and are more advanced take time to build, you may need more than 3 passing rolls to make something that is capable of doing a lot or is vastly advanced compared to the things people have currently. This means having talents helps when you have one main project and still want to do side projects.

Materials are needed, these can be obtained by going on event type things. Anybody can rp an event themselves, so long as the reward isn't so great and anybody can step in and be the EM for an event. If you rp towards the scenery , it can and will rp back, thus you can gather materials this way.
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