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Post by Jordan1 on Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:39 pm

The makings of a good hero means not only their quirk. Each ally of justice is full aware that they must be well-rounded in both terms of power, and power comes from the heart! Or sometimes really sick martial arts, or a weird fixation on something. Either way, everyone has an additional trait about them that brings a bit more complexity to the table. What's yours?
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Talents are a unique aspect of a character that is an element about their background or hobby that can be applied to help in situations whenever the occasion should arrive. Such things can derive from a previous profession, current interest, or a certain knowledge that they have. In order to apply for these, one has to consistently demonstrate or mention this feature. This is a system to reward concrete characters or developing writers to not only deepen the identity of their creation, but give a boost in reward as well.

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Talents can be demonstrated and progressed in the following ways:

[ Profession ] - This is something your character lives and breathes for money. Because they engage in a vocation involving this, they have ample time to regularly stay in touch with it.
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[ Background ] - A trait which stems from an upbringing which heavily emphasized or at some point enforced the character to develop a habit or skill.
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[ Club Activity ] - The heart of school life revolves around a good social circle. Being involved in a group of others allows a window to participate in a large practice foregrounding their technique.
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[ Quirk ] - In rare cases - either by mastering or just getting started with one's quirk. PEople can manipulate their quirk to their choosing. Example being fire quirk users wanting to be able to control fire balls as opposed to exposing waves of flames. This is what makes your fighting style you and not something else - customization.

For now, every character will start with one background/quirk Talent that they can apply for. As time passes, they may apply for more talents as their skills increase. From most common to uncommon it goes. Club - > Profession - > Background. These talents may be anything that defines you as  acharacter, so long as it makes sense and it helps grow your character it can be approved. These can include certain niche things jsut for rp, or mechanical effects for things like crafting, etc.
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