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Post by GoreMagala on Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:33 pm

Club Name: Super Fitness Club
Leader's Name: Oda Yuuko

What the club does: As the name implies, things in relation to fitness, although the club aims to set higher goals and limit breaking standards by having its members work together, or at the very least assist each other. Be it in motivation or in friendly competition. The club will also provide high end protein shakes, after work-out recovery smoothies,protein bars, and other optional but helpful equipment, all paid for by the leader.

Why this should be a club: Many of our students already keep track of their own fitness, but some of them do exercises that put them at risk of harm without a spotter, or a coach to monitor them. This club will ensure that they meet their fitness goals with efficiency and the appropriate pacing so as to mitigate chance of self harm. It'll also work to have students socialize, and better recognize the abilities of their peers so that when the time for class or team-based competition arrives, no one is left with any doubts about what they can achieve with each other. Its fine and okay to have extremely intense work-outs but it does well to have students know when they need to give their bodies a moment to recuperate. Permanent muscle damage is a loss, not a gain.


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