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Post by Swit on Mon Apr 23, 2018 4:45 pm

Uesugi, Akiko C2FmRLn

Character Information

Name: Akiko Uesugi
Alias: ???
Age: 15 (Current)
Birthday: August 30
Gender: F
Blood Type: B+


Height: 5’3”
Weight: 110lb
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: yellow


Status: Alive
Occupation: Student
Affiliation: Yokohama Academy
Team(s): ???
Quirk: Invisibility

Character Description

While it is hard to tell what Akiko’s body looks like, if a cast was taken of it a smallish but fit body would been discovered. Enough muscle to know that she works out but not enough to be called more than ‘in shape’. Her hair normally tied up into a side braid that rests and goes slightly past it.
When not wearing anything that could obscure her build she would look like an average, small girl. This dainty look contrasts with the militaristic vest, shorts and beret (all no doubt found in some box of old clothes found in her house or bought at a military surplus store) she wears when able to, all of these being the color of a faded olive drab. Opting for this look for the mix of practically and lack of sleeves to hide the exact location of her arms. She also wears some grey fingerless gloves on a whim, usually to assure people that whatever she grabs is not suddenly floating.
Someone of few words and many at the same time. Being pragmatic leads her to be direct with her words, and yet dancing around the point with a bit more flowery language is sometimes a source of enjoyment for her. If anything, how curt she is can be used as an indicator of mood.
Despite being more of a realistic and pragmatic person she can still be pretty playful at times. She is a trickster given the chance, but whether she became one because she found it fun, or it is a kind of coping mechanism for all her time being treated like a ghost, is something she will keep to herself

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Post by Swit on Tue Apr 24, 2018 12:49 am


Normal looking yet off could be used to describe a lot of her past. Two loving parents yet she was negated more than a child should be. An environment where one would normally turn out spunky or happy yet she grew up more stoic. What happened was neglect. Left alone and behind too many times. Whether or not it was on purpose or not is not known, but the end result is the same. She was quiet while waiting for people and when no one came she ended up saying quiet. Her parents forgot about her existing one too many times, people forgetting to include her, all this ended up giving her the feeling she was more of an observer than a participant. Despite this she didn’t get bitter. When asked if she was ok after being forgotten about she still said that she was fine, that nothing was wrong. She was, however, not ‘fine’, but she rationalized the fact people keep forgetting because of her invisibility. After all she has no face to be remembered by. Being quiet around the house also didn’t help remind her parents that she existed. Despite the pain she suffered she didn’t want anyone to compromise for her, so she continued telling everyone that everything was fine.

Lying this much from a young age made it second nature for her as time went on. As she grew up she realized just how helpful it was to not be truthful, how misdirection can help you in many situations. By the same token the value of truth was learned, after all if you never tell the truth then no one will believe your lies. Each lie also carries with it a risk, and avoiding risks is, logically, useful. As she understood this more and more she started telling less lies, constantly building trustworthiness in case she ever needed to make use of it. She also found her own quirk meshing well with someone who was looking to mislead people, trying to keep an eye on an invisible hand is a bit hard after all. The inability to read her face and a lot of her body language also helps obscure her true feelings.

Despite this bumpy upbringing she holds no ill will towards anyone, if anything it has given her resolve. She suffered in her childhood due to her quirk, but instead of becoming bitter, she took that experience and used it to learn. Learned about trust and practicality. Even if she wasn’t the happiest she could be, she valued the past that made her who she is now. After all, having someone who is pragmatic around can help things work smoothly.

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Post by Swit on Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:05 am

Quirk Data

Name: Invisibility
Type: Mutation
Range: Self


This Quirk grants its owner a permanently invisible body. This effect is visual and only makes it impossible to see the owner normally. They are still there physically and anything on them is fully visible, such as clothing. However anything completely surrounded by the body is hidden, be it something in the mouth or grasped in the hand.
Drawback(s): Can't ever turn it off and fixing wounds can be pretty bad with everything invisible.
Current Limitation(s): ???

Named Techniques

Technique Name: ???

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