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Post by Ausier on Fri Apr 20, 2018 5:21 am

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Character Information

Name: Ricarte, Miha
Alias: ???
Age: 15 (Current)
Birthday: April 21st
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB+


Height: 5'5"
Weight: 103
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown


Status: Alive
Occupation: Student
Affiliation: Yokohama Academy
Team(s): ???
Quirk: ???

Character Description

A lithe Junior with a caramel complexion, her pitch black hair flows down to her shoulders past her hazel eyes. She tends to pull her outfit from a small collection of dresses, with long pants and button-ups filling the space where nice clothes aren't logical. Raised to adolescence in a mixed-ethnicity apartment, Miha's life has always been one of mild confusion. She looked different from her peers, talked different, had different values-- a deluge of dissimilarities robbing her of the camaraderie her peers shared during her formative years.
She's quick to defend her values and her way of life, and her few friendships instilled in her a deep sense of loyalty to whoever she connects with. She is amiable to strangers, but struggles to maintain confidence in the face of bullies and critics. She holds her doctrine and beliefs close to her chest, as otherwise she is cripplingly insecure. She puts forth a strong front, yet is easily convinced to relent and back away, only keeping her resolve if she can rely on honor or virtue to dictate her actions instead of her own meager will.

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Ricarte, Miha Empty Re: Ricarte, Miha

Post by Ausier on Fri Apr 20, 2018 5:59 am

Ricarte, Miha Image


"Mija, my jewel, my beloved. I'm sorry. I wish I could spend my life with you, yet all I can give you are the few minutes I've put on this tape. I wish I could make your lunches for elementary, celebrate your debut with pride, or see your smile as you accept the diploma I know you'll fight so hard for. I promise you I'll spend my life working to return to you, or to bring you to me, that I might kiss your cheek again and put you on my shoulders.
You must listen to your mother from now on, understand? You must grow into a woman worthy of the name Ricarte, and find a man willing to love you even a fraction as much as I do. Try to marry Catholic though, ya? Though it is the will of God for us to part so early in your life, I promise you that he will reunite us, in this world or the next.
My boat will be departing soon, by the time you listen to this you will be old enough to understand why I've gone. The necklace your mother gave you, the one with the gilded cross, belonged to me; it was one of my only possessions when I came to Japan. Carry it with you, and may you be blessed with the same satisfaction that my time in this land has given me. Keep your faith, keep your pride, and always keep me in your heart. Te adoro, hija."

I listened to that tape until it broke, but by then I had memorized every word. My father returned to the Philippines when I was six, yet I remember his face as clear as the day he left. A strong jaw, leathery skin, he looked nothing like the Japanese I grew up with... He kept up correspondence until I was twelve, yet my mother and I haven't heard from him since.

My papi and mami loved each other very much, yet I was always told their union was a "sin." They were not married when I was born, but they decided to live together and try to raise me as best they could in an apartment complex in the Chiba Prefecture. My father worked hard, yet he always sent money away when he got it to "responsibilities back home." I still don't really understand what that means, but my mother tells me that he came from a big family that constantly faces hardship. I pray every night that he's doing alright, and that he can still provide for his big family.

When my father was sent back to the Philippines, my mother began to work two jobs to keep us in a nice apartment near a big mall. It smelled bad at first, and there was always shouting late at night, but it was easy to get used to, and I worked hard to try to help my mother get along. The other kids aren't like me, but I'm used to it-- I try my best to make friends anyways, and if I start conversations and reach out normally people are nice back to me!

The first time my quirk ever appeared was the first time I ever saw my mother cry. After I went back to normal, she hugged me tight and cried about how she had just wanted a "daughter like her" and that she "didn't know how to raise a child like this." I was upset, so I tried really hard not to have a quirk for a few years, but I would get curious and exercise it anyways. Eventually I got really good at it, which lead to my mother pushing me to apply for an academy. I got in! Which is good, yes, and my mom is encouraging me as much as she possibly can, but I know she works just as hard as she did when I was with her. If I can make any money to send back to her, or become a professional hero, I could make sure she never has to work again-- and that's something I'm willing to try my best for.

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