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Post by Scin on Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:45 pm

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Character Information

Name: Tsutasa, Suji
Alias: ???
Age: 15 (Current)
Birthday: August 21st, ???
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB-


Height: 5'6''
Weight: 157lbs
Hair Color: Ivy Green
Eye Color: Amber


Status: Alive
Occupation: Student
Affiliation: Yokohama Academy
Team(s): ???
Quirk: Vines

Character Description

Suji is an average-height-ed female with a decent bit of weight to her - however this weight isn't due to body fat, instead it's from muscle built up over the years of her youth. Her bright amber eyes, which, almost seem like they would glow in the right light, always focused on ahead towards her future of improving herself whether it's through pure strength or technique - in fact, her main reasoning for pursuing the path of a hero isn't explicitly for the purpose of serving justice and saving the world or something as grandiose as that, nah, instead her main motivation is to seek challenges for herself, opportunities to develop her quirk in creative and lethal ways to overcome said challenges.
Personality-wise, Suji was always a sort of a tomboy, due to her looks and her "quirky" hair which never really allowed her to get along well with other girls in her past life, instead she would've rather spend time with her male friends who wouldn't really care about her looks but rather her raw physique and prowess in hand-to-hand combat and feats of strength. Again - due to her lack of female company in her coming of age days, she never grew an affinity for traditionally "girly" activities and interests, so when put into situations where one must call upon those experiences, she's usually rather lost.

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Tsutasa, Suji Empty Re: Tsutasa, Suji

Post by Scin on Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:24 pm

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Born to a relatively loving family, Suji never had too many problems growing up when it came to familial problems, in fact, the most of her problems came from her school life. As mentioned earlier, Suji never really got along well with her female classmates due to her appearance, and as time went on, her disposition as well; Because of this, she would much rather hang out with her male friends, with the outlying one or two female friends who weren't exceptionally popular in their own right either. Due to her male-oriented company in her youth, she learned how to be quite the tomboy, to the point where even she can't remember how she was like before the start to her academic years, this "tomboy-ness" didn't come without perks and cons however, she would often get into brawls with her rivalries, which helped her build the physical strength that she is ever so proud of, however these fights would often lead from one thing to another until eventually a change of schools had to take place - multiple times in fact, so in a way you can say Suji is quite the traveler, though not in the traditional sense.

As her teenage years were approaching ever so slowly, Suji was at a loss when time came to set course onto a track in life, a career so to speak.
She considered becoming a wrestler perhaps, or an MMA fighter, somewhere that would allow her to let loose with her debauched persona, however the more she would get invested into these fields the more she learned about the ridiculous amount of rules and regulations set in place, which was an immediate turn-off for her, after-all, what kind of duel is it if you have to hold back your full potential? She would think it was incredibly rude and dishonorable to not give your opponents your full efforts in a duel (as such she would often commit nigh-crimes when lets say, children, would jokingly challenge her to brawls).
As such, eventually with recommendations and a bit of her own research, she came upon the path of becoming a Hero, a profession where you can show off your powerful talents in the efforts of taking on even more powerful opponents, her eyes lit up at the thought of villains with strength, technique, power, speed, and everything else in the package that she couldn't even possibly begin imagine.

So that brings us here, with one big dumb dream of becoming a hero - not for the purpose of serving the greater good, but for beating the absolute crap out of anything and everyone that claims to be a strong and tenacious opponent.

First year at the academy

No information for now

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Tsutasa, Suji Empty Re: Tsutasa, Suji

Post by Scin on Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:31 pm

Quirk Data

Name: Vines
Type: Mutant
Range: Medium


This Quirk grants Suji controllable thorny vines in place of regular hair.

The vines can be manipulated for various purposes, such as binding foes, snatching objects and creating defensive barriers. The vines can also be cut off from her head, albeit Suji still retains control over them.

To regrow the vines, her head must be soaked with water and bathed with sunlight, similar to an actual plant. Because her vines don't conduct electricity, she has a natural advantage against Electrification.

Drawback(s): ???
Current Limitation(s): ???

Named Techniques

Technique Name: ???

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Tsutasa, Suji Empty Re: Tsutasa, Suji

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